BB glow

The BB Glow Technique offers you a treatment with immediate effect of skin lightening and rejuvenation.Ideal for people with light and dark skin tone, as well as to reduce freckles, uneven skin tone and skin discoloration caused by acne and aging due to light (age spots).

This treatment is suitable for any kind of skin color and skin type.


1 treatment: €150, nu €125
Package 3x treatment: €349 (pay at once at the first time)
Package 4x treatment: €449 (pay at once at the first time)
Package 5x treatment: €549 (pay at once at the first time)

ACTIE Febuari/ Maart: first treatment for €110

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How does BB Glow Dermawhite Ampoule work?

  • Whitening effect
  • Reduces skin discoloration, freckles, age spots
  • Regenerates an even and radiant complexion
  • With this treatment, you can achieve an even facial skin tone as if you had applied a light primer or a BB Cream
  • The ingredients of the serum smooth the skin and moisturize it
  • The procedure is painless
  • Visible whitening effect after a single treatment
  • For longer lasting effects, 2 to 5 treatments are recommended; depending on the skin type
  • Effect durability 2-3 months with a single application and 9 months with 3-5 applications
  • Radiant complexion (individually adaptable to customer skin type and desire)


    • animal testing
    • parabens
    • mineral oils
    • benzophenone
    • formaldehyde
    • Synthetic colouring

    Main problems that BB Glow Technique treats:

    • Dry, restless skin
    • Under eye bags
    • Freckles
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Enlarged pores
    • Wrinkles
    • Formaldehyde
    • Pale complexion

Treatment results:

  • Radiant, smooth complexion
  • Lightening of the pigmentation
  • Narrowing the pores
  • Moisturizing and refreshing the skin
  •  Protection against excessive exposure to ultraviolet light
  • Reduction in the number of fine wrinkles
  • Camouflage of dark circles under the eyes


    When should the BB Glow treatment not be used?

    x during pregnancy
    x clients suffering from diabetes
    x clients with diseased skin
    x clients with inflamed skin

    After the treatment, the skin may easily show some redness and swelling, which will subside within the next few hours.


    • 24 hours without excessive facial cleansing
    • 24 hours without touching the treated area
    • Use after care cream for the first 3 days after treatment.
    • After 3 days , 10-14 days of strict application of SPF 30+
    • 14 days avoiding the sauna, solarium
    • 5-7 days without peeling and make-up